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Help & Advice

The Association has put together some useful advice and answers to frequently asked questions below. If you have a suggestion for additional content or would like to ask a question please contact us or ask our members in our Facebook group.

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Local honey has a unique and delicious flavour and our members often have honey for sale. Our Facebook group is a good way to contact members to see who has stock.

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Talks & Visits

Our volunteer members are often available to give talks and lectures on bee and beekeeping to schools and public events. We are sometimes able to bring an observation hive of live bees to events to help illustrate the life inside a honey bee colony. Please contact us for details.

image showing bees entering and leaving ther apairy

Homes for Bees

If you are a private or commercial landowner who has an interest in bees and the environment but are not thinking of becoming a beekeeper, we may be able to link you up with an existing beekeeper looking for a new site to keep their bees.

This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for all.

Please contact us for details.

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Beekeepers and farmers are linked by plant pollination.

We are always happy to chat about how we can work together to protect valuable pollinators. You may find the BeeConnected App for spraying notification useful.

Find out more about the BeeConnected App

Media / Press

Our members are always happy to chat with media outlets about bees and beekeeping.

Please contact us to be put in touch with an experienced beekeeper.


Newcastle and District Beekeepers Association thanks Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter and Eversheds Sutherland for their generous support.

We are also grateful to Bidfood Wholesale Food and Drink Suppliers for their kind donations of 'waste' sugar to help us feed our bees in winter when needed.  

We would welcome other offers of support or sponsorship. Please contact us.


Newcastle & District Beekeepers Association is a small charity working to help educate the public and beekeepers about honey bees.

We happily accept donations to help support our work via PayPal Donate. Please click the PayPal donate button in the footer below to donate. All donations are gratefully received.

Swarm Advice

In summer we get many questions from the public about bees and other insects.

Our volunteer members may be able to give advice but are only able to help in cases of swarms of honey bees. Please note we often request photos to assess whether a beekeeper could collect the swarm or if a referral to a professional pest controller is required. Download our swarm information leaflet.

The BBKA’s website will provide further information and a postcode search for local volunteer honey bee swarm collectors. Swarm information on the BBKA website.

image showing a swarm of bees attached to tree branches

Asian Hornets

Asian Hornets are an alien invasive species that are a worrying predator and can have a major impact on British honey bees. Please email us using the link below if you have observed any Asian Hornets in the local area.

Report Asian Hornet sightings Asian Hornet advice on the BBKA website

To report a sighting please use the Asian Hornet Watch app, available for Apple and Android devices:

Download from Apple App Store for iOS Download from Google Play for Android side view of the Asian Hornet

Useful Links

We have provided links below to some invaluable websites for beekeepers. All links will open in a new browser window. We would welcome any feedback or suggestions in our Facebook group.

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